The institute is established the bank of the SITOLAKMA River near the BANDAR sub district constitute of 9 acres land the historical TRIBENEE cannel blow beside this Institute. For going to the city from the institute the boat is the main way to cross the river. There is a nice bridge in the east side of the Institute. There are special arrangements like lunch to going to city. According to schedule in this institute this facility can get B.I.W.T.A terminal and fire brigade which call the BHUIA GHAT. A lot of coconut trees are available and also the nice environment place with deferent kinds of tree.

Institute & its Campus

It was familiar the name of Marine Diesel Training center since 1960.AD. Bangladesh Institute of Marine Technology gives its new name 10 December in1979.AD.In Bengali language its call Bangladesh now Projukti Institute .It was established after two years. It was established in 1958 AD after two years, there are different kinds of courses have been started like trade course and also Refrigeration. Now here the main course is two diploma courses.

1. Diploma in Engineering Shipbuilding Technology

2. Diploma in Engineering Marine Technology

Its have been come out for the first time in 1960 AD. This Institute not under the control of Bangladesh Technical Education Board. It’s control by the Government Republic of man power .Most of the courses are trade course. Their main purpose is to develop the student in practical work make then skill. There is no confusion that it’s not a vacation department. The teachers of this institute are very careful to the students. The duration of the class is maximum 50 minutes. The ratio of the theoretical class and practical is 3: 1. Strike discipline maintenance, There is no poster on the wall and there is no unemployed in the hostel after passing their course.

Workshop & Laboratories

The labs of physics and chemistry have been decorated nicely with many kinds of instrument. A student can easily learn how to take the measurement of different types of scale. Not only this but also the workshop is the best in our country. Powerful diesel engine, I.C. engine are available in this shop. It is needless to say that the welding shop of this institute is biggest in our country. A student gets lot of time for welding which help them to make a skill welder. CNC Lathe M/C, CNC cutting M/C also provide here. A big M/C shop with Lathe, shaper Grinding, Drilling M/C are decorated well.TIG, MIG & MAG welding are arranged specially.

Hostel facility

The student of the marine institute live in a nice hostel with a lot of facilities like current, water, a powerful generator is constant for students. Above 200 student can live together easily in the old hostel, other student live in the new hostel which is situated on the bank of the SITOLAKMA river. A dining hole has been arranged and it operated by special cooker.


The library of this institute is the biggest one with the collection of technical books And also huge collection of the foreign books. Besides it students have a library by the help of student parliament.

Employment Facilities

The government of the institute is not responsible for taking any job. Student have to manage their respective job with their own capability & knowledge.


Diploma courses:-

Trade courses:-

1. Shipbuilding welding.

2. Ship Fabrication.

3. Shipbuilding & Mechanical Draftsmanship.

4. Marine Diesel Engine Artificer.

Others Information

A Medical officer is always ready for medical treatment. And also have a dispensary. First aid facilities. This institute never follows the vacation weekend and public holiday are followed like a government. Office. The principal can give tour holidays. The regular class schedule of this institute from 7:30 am up to 2 pm. This schedule follows strictly. The students have to present just right 7.25 am.

Scholarship / stiffened

Stiffened are given every student for Diploma course 275 & for trade 250. For getting the stiffened every student must be present 80% in their class. When a student goes for “On the job training” Then they get 500 for Diploma and 450 for trade courses.